Dear Student of the Bible:


I appreciate your interest in the study of God’s Word, the wonderful words of life. I particularly appreciate the time and effort you have spent in analyzing “Walk to Emmaus”, for most of this world has not time to search the scriptures.


Please again review the entire chapter of Hebrews, Chapter 7 concerning the changing of God’s eternal Law. The change of the Law of Moses was necessary since Christ; the Lamb of God became the Eternal High Priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. The Leviticus High Priest had to be replaced for blood of animals was only symbolic of the coming Christ.


Our Creator’s eternal clock is not the clock made by man when each day begins at midnight.

God’s clock begins at sunset and ends at sunset (Genesis, Chapter one). The hand of man (the translators) incorrectly translated the Greek word EPIPHOSKO – ep-ee-fece’-KO, has a number of translations into English including, early, soon, draw on, twilight, to begin, before yet dark. Note that the Greek language has two letters for “o”, omicron and omega.  The plural omega is used two times in the Greek language of Matthew 28: l, indicating there were two Sabbaths that week (Passover on Thursday and God’s regular weekly Sabbath each Saturday instituted at creation (Genesis 2; 1-2). God wrote this eternal Sabbath two times Himself on stone tablets at Mt. Sinai. God’s commandments were placed inside the Ark while man’s law, the Law of Moses was placed beside the Ark (Deut. 31:26). The change of the Leviticus High Priest to Christ was all that changed. (Hebrews 7:12). Note that Moses’ Law was ordinances, regulations of man (Eph. 2:15).


Matthew 28: 1, KJV**.In the end of the Sabbath, as it began to dawn (draw on, twilight) toward the first day of the week (at sundown), came Mary Mag-da-le’-ne and the other Mary to see the sepulchre.  ** Greek in the English alphabet **. Opse de sabbaton te epiphoskouse eis mian sabbaton elthen Maria Magdalene kai he alle Maria theoresai ton taphon.


                                          **3 days and 3 nights explained**


Wednesday          * Thursday           * Friday             * Saturday (Sabbath)


Crucifixion         * after 1 day      * after 2 days         * He is Risen, third day

First night             second night      third night

14 Nisan                15 Nisan             16 Nisan                         17 Nisan


You are welcome to attend Sabbath class most Saturday’s, 1-3 PM in my home. Call for directions and gate list entrance. To God be the glory!