Destined for Wrath



1 Thessalonians 5:9-10 ** For God did not appoint us to wrath (severe punishment for disobedience), but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ, who died for us, that whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with Him.

These words were dictated to the Apostle Paul near the conclusion of the letter to the Thessalonians. His message was to provide comfort to the believers of God’s Word, the Holy Bible. The words of comfort are that our Lord does not wish to bring the wrath of eternal death upon mankind for He wishes to rescue believers and doers with the hope of eternal life for the living and the dead. The Messiah, Y’shua Christ Jesus is the Redeemer for salvation to those that keep the commandments. The Messiah is also that word and writer of the Bible by dictating His Words to the Prophets and Apostles. Our Creator began his first book of the Bible by speaking to Moses in Genesis 1:1, saying, “In the beginning”. He then provided the history of creation describing how He worked for six days to make the heavens and the earth and placing man with the likeness of Himself in a beautiful, peaceful and enjoyable sin free eternal garden. Our Creator then rested on the seventh day, blessed and made it holy at the very beginning of creation.

Our Creator continued with His eternal Word by dictating to the Apostle John in continuation of more information in John 1:1-2, also saying, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God (the Messiah), and the Word was God. He (Messiah) was in the beginning with God”. ** This message clearly defines the Messiah as part of God just as the Holy Spirit of God is also the third part of our one and only living God. The many miracles such as healing the lame, the blind and even raising people from death pointed clearly the Messianic identity of Christ Jesus. These miracles indicated the presence of Father God who sent His only begotten son to earth in human form to explain and simplify the words of His prophets and to open the door for the Gentiles to become part of the family of God. He partially accomplished this purpose by teaching predominantly lowly, poor and uneducated men to become His New Testament Prophets (Apostles). The completion of the Messiah’s purpose for this visit was to become the Holy Lamb of Father God to shed His worthily blood (animals were temporary indicating the coming of the Messiah)  to redeem a few believers that kept his commandments since the beginning of creation.  His Godly power witnessed by many clearly demonstrated the glory of God that there can be life after death. John 11:39 shows this awesome power as He brought Lazarus back to life from the tomb after 4 days with the stink of decay.

Just as John was dictated with the Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what soon must take place ( Revelation 1:1); the Prophet Joel also told of what is soon coming upon mankind even now. Joel first described the imminent devastation, death, destruction and enslavement in Babylon called the great and dreadful day of the Lord (Joel 2:31). But in chapter three verse 13, he tells of the wrath of God ‘for their wickedness is great’ and the blood of the nations will be chopped down as a sickle cuts pods of grapes and squeezes out their blood as in a winepress. A similar wrathful winepress description is prophesied in Isaiah 63:3, saying “…For I have trodden them in MY Anger, and trampled them in MY fury; their blood is sprinkled upon MY garments and I have stained all MY robes, for the day of vengeance is in MY heart”. ** The final warning when it is too late to repent, comes in Revelation 14:16, saying, “So He who sat on the cloud (Messiah, Y’shua Christ Jesus) thrust in His sickle on the earth and the earth was reaped”.

My friend, if you personally have not made your decision to repent before this final day of reckoning when the pitcher of wickedness if filled to overflowing, your judgment before the throne of God is sealed forever and ever. Why not turn away from the wickedness of this earth and become a member of the true Church of God that sincerely attempts to follow the Words of Love. Listen and obey the words of Christ in John 14:24, saying, “He who does not love ME does not keep MY words; and the word which you hear is not MINE but the Father’s who sent ME”. ** Christ Jesus wishes to give you salvation, but you must first: believe, second: confess your sins to God, third: follow in the footsteps of Jesus with immersion in water to witness you are born again. Fourth: keep the commandments, the rules of love, the rules of everlasting life! Even if you are old and cannot witness to pull others out of the fire, continue to pray to help others obtain life. Even this is giving, for the only thing we keep in this life is what we give! Give of yourself now and share your gift of love even if only in prayer!