In 586 BC, Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, destroyed Jerusalem and the first Great Temple built by King Solomon, son of David. The Great Temple was completed about 500 years after the Israelites left the land of Egypt and lasted for 300 years.

About 100 years before destruction of the Great Temple, the Lord told the Prophet Isaiah of pending death, enslavement and destruction since the people had become wicked. They brought foreign gods such as Molech into the Temple and did abominable things in the sight of the Lord such as throwing unwanted babies into the fire.

The Persian ruler Cyrus allowed the Israelites to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the second Great Temple about 520 BC. The second Great Temple lasted about 600 years and was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. All that remains after 2000 years is a segment of the Western Wall. (Wailing Wall).

About forty years before the destruction, the Lord himself (Jesus Christ, the Messiah) wept as he entered Jerusalem, saying to the Pharisees within the multitude of disciples. "If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace-but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle and hem you in on every side. They will dash you to the ground, you and your children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of Godís coming to you." Luke 19:42-44 (Similar in all Christian Bible versions)

Historiansí report that hundreds of thousands, and perhaps a million casualties resulted from the Jewish revolt against their enemies (Romans), beginning 66 AD. The Romans encircled Jerusalem, hemming them in on every side with tall sharp stakes. A miracle

happened one year before the fall, the Romans abandoned their positions, allowing the Christians to exodus, leaving the non-Christians that did not recognize the time of Godís coming to them (Jesus Christ, the Messiah), and did not believe that Jerusalem would fall.

Sadly, the Romans returned, starving the inhabitants to the extent women reportedly cooked and ate their babies until the fall in 70 AD. The promise of God (Jesus Christ, the Messiah), in 33 AD came true since the Lord is always truthful and keeps his promises.

God established a new covenant with all believers (new chosen ones) by giving them the gift of the Holy Spirit which he only gave to His Prophets in times of old. God was so saddened by the killing of his mouthpieces (Prophets)! About 700 BC, Isaiah violently met his death in front of the first Temple by King Manasseh. The king did not like the truthful word of God. Many other prophets in times of old were hunted down and killed like animals as were the early Christians. A new covenant of circumcision of the heart by God had to take place. "Cut away (circumcise), therefore, the thickening about your hearts and stiffen your necks no more". Deut. 10.16, Torah, Jewish Bible, similar in Christian Bibles. "Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in

Me (Jesus Christ). In my Fatherís (Godís) house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also". John 14. 1-3 KJV Ė similar, all Christian Bible versions.