Feast of God



Luke 14:21 ** “……Go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor and maimed and the lame and the blind”.  Our Lord and Master in verse 24 said, “For I say to you that none of those men who were invited shall taste my supper (in Heaven)”.

Because no one would come to the feast because of the cares of the world, our Lord and Master instructed his servants to fill His house with hurting people. The purpose of this great feast was to reach out to people in need of spiritual healing and to hear the Words of Life (Bible) so they would repent from sin and have the opportunity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

On December 4, 2008, President elect Barack Obama called for volunteers to help. An African American named Earl Stafford responded, saying, “We need to reach out to those in need”. Earl Stafford was the son of a Minister, Air Force retiree and a wealthy business manager. Our Lord opened his heart to quickly pour out a rich blessing to as many as 1,000 people still devastated by Hurricane Katrina (August 2005), wounded veterans, the hurting, the hungry, the naked, the homeless, the terminally ill and the socially unacceptable.  He rented 300 room and 4 suites for 3 free days (luxury food and tuxedos included) at the Washington Marriot overlooking the Pennsylvania Avenue Inauguration. The cost was 1 million dollars. The grandeur and human glory of the inauguration overshadowed this generous and humble gift to the poor and needy.

Our Lord’s blessings are connected with hospitality to strangers. Abraham and Sarah welcomed three strangers who turned out to be angels of the Lord (Genesis 18-1-15). The widow of Zarephath was rescued from starvation when she shared her meager and last portion of bread with Elijah (1 Kings 17:8-16). The Bible gives us warning that traditions of man give banquets and galas (festivals) with the expectation of return engagements. We do well to note that many generous hosts often experience a rich blessing with the mystery of our Lord’s presence (Hebrews 13-2).  Verse 3 says, “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them---those who are mistreated---since you yourselves are in the body also”. ** This verse tells us the entire world is in prison ministered to by the god of this world (Satan). Until the second coming of the Messiah, Y’shua Christ Jesus, this god continues to mislead mankind down the wide road which leads to destruction.

“Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.” ** Our Lord spoke these words 9 times in the Old Testament and one time in the New Testament. These words are for all that love Him by keeping His commandments.  Our Lord first spoke these words through Moses to Joshua in Deuteronomy 31:6 and again in verse eight. This repeated message was to offer encouragement to Joshua just before the Lord personally inaugurated him (using Moses). The inauguration offered encouragement to lead the children of Israel across the Jordan into the Promised Land. The inauguration took place in the privacy of the Tabernacle of meeting in verse 14 and 23. The fourth occurrence in the Old Testament marks the end of the exodus as the Lord spoke to the newly inaugurated leader next in the book of Joshua 1:5. These wonderful words of encouragement empowered him to lead this new generation of God’s chosen children into Canaan (symbolic for heaven).

“Be strong and of good courage”.  Our Lord gave additional encouragement and empowerment by repeatedly providing necessary strength. Our Lord will do the same for this generation for those that truly love and obey Him. These wonderful words of life are repeated a total of nine times in two Old Testament Books. The Lord spoke them four times to Moses and five times to Joshua (according to the count my Lord has provided me). The Lord helps the people that love Him even in this generation by speaking through His earthly son King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Messiah, Y’shua Christ Jesus to the Apostles. The Apostle Paul again spoke these words of the Lord the tenth time (Hebrews 13:5-5). This was a gift of encouragement to the new generation of goyim (gentiles) crossing the river into the new Kingdom of God. The entire world now has an opportunity to cross the symbolic river shed by God’s only son with His shed water and blood to cleanse us of sin. As the Alpha and Omega, the first and last holy and perfect Lamb of God, many that keep the commandments will live again with the King of the Universe in His new ‘Garden’ of paradise.

Most of this generation is disobedient to the Royal Law of God which includes obedience and not worshipping idols and other forbidden things. The penalty is death. “For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God (Deuteronomy 4:24).” ** The poor of this generation struggle against the demands of daily living while the rich experience the drowning of the Word of God spoken by the Holy Spirit. These rich have a super supply of material things which cause them to reject God. The poor that are struggling with the daily demands of living also routinely reject God for they have no time to seek or find Him either.

If you are rich and hurting or poor and hurting, our Messiah, Y’shua Christ Jesus has a free beautiful home for you. However, you must start by casting away the many idols you worship. Idols are all things that cause you to ignore the Lord your God. Therefore, you reject our Creator by not studying and keeping His Holy Word of Life. Give your heart now to the God of Love and Lord of the Sabbath! Turn from the god of hate (Satan)! Walk the narrow path (Matthew 7:13) leading into our Creator’s everlasting new heaven and earth with eternal riches! Repent and be immersed in water to show you have turned your heart to seek everlasting life!