Royal Dignity



Psalm 82:6 ** I said, “You are gods, and all of you are sons (and daughters) of the Most High”.

At the moment you were born and took your first breath, many wondrous and magnificent gifts were bestowed upon you.

**The first gift is joy for you brought great joy to you father and mother as well as you Heavenly Father!

 ** The second gift is love, not only from you parents but a love that is beyond understanding from Heaven! May it grow each time you give it!

 **The third gift is reverence to appreciate with awe and wonder the miracle our Creator God has granted you!

**The fourth gift is wisdom to lead you with knowledge and understanding of God’s word to carefully guide your way with dignity into the new Royal Garden of Eden! Listen and follow the quiet soft voice to guide you there!

**The fifth gift is faith for when you believe and follow that soft voice of God; you will never lose you way to the New Royal Garden of Eden!

      **The sixth gift is strength for the mighty power from heaven’s throne is able to     strengthen your heart so you will be blameless and holy before Jesus comes!

**The seventh gift is beauty for each time you perform a good deed, your beauty shines to glorify your Royal Heavenly Father!

  **The eighth gift is compassion!  As our earthly parents are gentle, understanding and forgiving when you mess in your pants, your Royal Heavenly Father knows all and will help you grow closer to him so you come into His beautiful ‘Garden’ with great Joy!

**The ninth gift is hope just as the hope and passage of each season, your trust will grow with strength to endure and hope to enter into the New Royal Garden!

    **The tenth gift is courage to faithfully follow the narrow and treacherous path leading you into your beautiful eternal home!

**The eleventh gift is talent to discover your own special attributes and abilities to help built a better tomorrow in the Kingdom coming into this world as it is in heaven!

 **The twelfth gift is imagination to give ample nourishment for your dreams of “Thy Kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven!

                                                                                                                                                                           Be blessed now and forever!